Almost every Friday since September, Laurie Allen, a Digital Librarian at Haverford College has worked with me to improve my interactive mapping skills. I have been inspired to learn JavaScript, leaflet, some html, some css, some mapbox, some cartodb, and am now working on perfecting my d3 skills. For my first project, we took my casino map and after much tweaking came up with this gem. This map, coding, and hard work are dedicated to Laurie;  her help, faith in my abilities, and eagerness to explore inspire me to keep on making maps.


American Indian and Alaskan Native Casinos by Laura Newman Eckstein. Dedicated to Laurie Allen, Librarian, Haverford College, November 16, 2014

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Laura Newman Eckstein is the Judaica Digital Humanities Coordinator a the University of Pennsylvania. She is an enthusiastic cartophile, a digital humanities lover, and creative spirit. Currently, Laura lives in Philadelphia, where she enjoys spending her free time exploring the city with friends, reading books, and playing with her landlord's dog.