About Laura

Laura Newman Eckstein is a student at Haverford College (Class of ’16). She is a religion major and an anthropology and environmental studies double minor. During the spring of 2014, Laura took her first GIS (Geographical Information Systems) class and fell in love! Laura spent summer 2014 as a Tri-College Digital Humanities Fellow working in the lab for Texts, Maps and Networks at Northeastern University. During her time at Northeastern, she used her GIS skills to work on the Viral Texts Project, mapping the spread and reprinting of 19th century magazines and newspapers. She also honed her skills in historical GIS and published shapefiles of transportation networks in the United States. During the 2014-2015 school year, Laura was mentored by the digital humanities librarian, Laurie Allen, learned how to create interactive maps using the leaflet, cartodb, and mapbox libraries and enhanced her GIS skills. Laura spent Summer 2015 as a John B. Hurford '60 Humanities Center Student Research Fellow at the American Jewish Archives in Cincinnati, Ohio working on her thesis entitled "On the River, On the Road: Lower Mississippi Jewish Peddlers, 1820-1865." Originally from Portland, Oregon, Laura enjoys reading, making maps, ideas, playing piano, researching genealogy, gardening and laughing with friends.

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Photo Credit: Ryan Gooding